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  • Day


    Diwali Day

    Diwali celebrations in Leicester are some of the biggest outside of India, with up to 35,000 people…

  • Party


    Abigails Party

    It’s 1977 and Beverly is throwing a little party for her neighbours: newlyweds Tony and Angela, and…

  • Orchestra


    Philharmonia Orchestra

    When it comes to contributions to the classical music world, Poland has always punched well above…

  • Foo presents Pendulums Bargain Emporium


    Maison Foo presents Pendulums Bargain Emporium

    Welcome to Pendulums Emporium, purveyors of everything you’ve ever wanted and more. This desperate…

  • Big Hedgehog Invasion


    The Big Hedgehog Invasion

    Make a hedgehog mask to wear as you follow the trail around the museum and create your own little…

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